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Amio notice there are two good reasons to exclude WhatsApp messages: to free up space and privacy reasons. We’ll tell you briefly how to do, whatever the reason that pushes you to do so.
WhatsApp, joys and sorrows of our modern conversations among friends, relatives and lovers. Among the many mysteries surrounding the famous application for instant messaging, lately we’re talking about a lot of the space it occupies in memory of our smartphones exchange photos and messages.
A few days ago I told you about how to avoid automatically save photos to baixar whatsapp plus  in the smartphone memory. Today I talk about how to do some ‘cleaning and delete sent or received messages.
Delete a single message sent or received
You can delete one or more messages on WhatsApp are sent and received, so that they do not appear on the screen of the conversation. The purpose of this action is almost exclusively to protect their privacy.
1. First enter the chat room in which you want to delete the message. 
2. Hold your finger briefly on the message in question until it is highlighted. 
3. Now click on the icon in the form of upper rack. 
4. In the window that appears Delete the message ?, click Delete. 
Note: Delete a message sent will only have effect on the sender’s screen and the receiver will continue to see it in your WhatsApp.
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